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Hawken Reborn

I facilitated the release the Hawken Reborn during my time at DR Studios. I was the sole VFX artist on the project and responsible for picking up where my predecessor left off and running the projects VFX all the way up to the release of early access. Links to some art station collections of my work can be found below:

Art Station Collections

GPU AI Drones

Ai Drones running on the GPU To populate the world of Hawken Reborn and give a sense of life. The drones state machine was built inside Niagara out of half a doezen modules that dictated where the drones went too and what other particles effects got activated alongside them.

Weapons Showcase

A selection of my favourite weapon effects that I made for Hawken Reborn

MercNet Mission FX

Selection of Level set peice effects I made with the DR Studios art team, for Hawken Reborn.

Episode 1 Hellfire State Set Dressing

Set dressing work done for the first areas encountered in Episode one of Hawken Reborn. I created all the fire particles/materials and dressed the existing world to create what we called the areas "Hellfire State" for Episode 1.

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